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Survey discusses role soft skills play in organizational leadership

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Millennial Branding and American Express released a study last year, titled, “Gen Y Workplace Expectations”. When managers who took the survey were asked how important soft skills are when evaluating an employee’s performance, what do you think was the correct response?

a.)   Less than 20 percent said soft skills are important

b.)   0ver 60 percent said soft skills are important

c.)   43 percent said soft skills are important

The correct answer is b. Yes, soft skills really are that important.

The Management Blog for Bloomberg Businessweek discussed this survey and shared this story illustrating the role soft skills play in a person’s career development:

“James Wisdom, an executive at Aflac, hired an intern full-time based on his technical expertise and no-nonsense style. James started hearing employees belittle this person, describing him as arrogant and unhelpful. “He didn’t have the emotional intelligence to detect that he was offending people,” said James.”

If that intern didn’t realize he was offending people, will he be able to advance to a leadership position in the future? Perhaps, but he most probably will have a hard time motivating and leading a team.

Soft skills such as teamwork, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and interpersonal skills are essential leadership skills, thus are the backbone of the Masters in Organizational Leadership program at Alvernia.

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