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Why organizational leadership matters in the nonprofit world

  • Alvernia MOL

What are the skills needed to lead a nonprofit organization? Surprisingly, many of the same skills used by leaders in for-profit organizations. According to a study by the Looking Glass Institute and Dewey & Kaye, nonprofit leaders should follow this competency model:

  • Client focused
  • Decision quality
  • Delegation skills
  • Ethics, integrity & trust
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Managing vision & mission
  • Motivating others
  • Presentation skills
  • Priority setting
  • Strategic agility

In addition to the skills listed above, the Center for Creative Leadership points out that, “nonprofit leaders must learn to effectively navigate and build consensus amongst its multiple and diverse stakeholders.” Only those possessing strong communication skills can motivate volunteers, keep a board of trustees informed and simultaneously keep donors and employees engaged.

Another example of the need for leadership comes from Robert Egger, author of the book, Begging for Change. When he was asked what the nonprofit sector needs more of, his response was simple; “political activism and courageous leadership.”

To hear nonprofit leaders from around the world discuss how leadership skills can strengthen their ability to improve the effectiveness of their organizations, watch this video from Harvard Business School:

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