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The importance of team development for organizational leaders

  • Alvernia MOL

Would you like a job where you would do the same thing from the day you are hired until the day you retire? Of course, you wouldn’t. The majority of your staff wouldn’t like that either, which is why the best leaders take the time to cultivate and develop their teams.

Taking a vested interest in your team member’s professional growth enhances productivity and helps an organization retain good employees.

One of the best ways to develop talent is to take a personal interest in your teammates. Start having one-on-one meetings with everyone on your team, which will help you understand their strengths and weaknesses. Mind Tools recommends asking the following questions:

  • What challenges do you face every day?
  • What is most frustrating about your role?
  • What areas of your role, or the organization, do you wish you knew more about?
  • What skills or additional training would help you work more productively or effectively?

Also, experts advise that you step back and analyze how the members of your team act. An article on the human resources website, TLNT offers this advice, “Study your team members intensely, so you know how their skills interlock, where they believe their deficiencies lie, what they feel insecure about, where you see gaps in their development, and where they excel beyond their current job descriptions. “

If you are in the position to develop a mentoring program at your company, that’s another way to help your team grow. We devoted an entire blog post to mentoring, which you can read here.

Helping each team member reach his or her highest potential requires multiple skills and tactics. You need to be able to communicate effectively, understand team and group dynamics plus be able to provide feedback that will keep your team motivated. The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program at Alvernia University covers all of this and more.

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