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Three motivation tips organizational leaders need to know

  • Alvernia MOL

Keep employees motivated and they will reward you with better performance, a boost in morale and increased productivity, experts say.

As an organizational leader, you are responsible for providing employees with a positive work environment. Research has shown that when individual contributions are valued, they are more motivated to do a good job. What actually motivates someone varies by person, but there are techniques that are found to be effective in most professional settings.

We’ve reviewed business publications for examples of motivational techniques and have summarized the findings below:

Show a personal interest.

There is no ‘one-size-all’ approach to leadership, so it’s essential to get to know the members of your team. An article discussing employee motivation in Fast Company explains that, “Great leaders let the employees they’re managing dictate the management approaches they use. Some employees may need or desire more handholding and coaching, whereas others will want or require less.”

It’s also helpful to encourage employees to learn new skills and pursue advanced education to reach their career goals. A Forbes article, 5 Tips for Motivating Employees, recommends working with each employee to create their personal development plan. Once this plan is in place, leaders can then “provide them with coaching and mentoring to help them increase their skills and their sense of competence and accomplishment.”

Provide incentives & recognition.

Leaders and managers also increase motivation by offering incentives for each employee or team. Financial incentives including gift cards and cash rewards, and non-financial incentives such as extra days off and flexible work schedules, are popular in business large and small.

Recognition programs are also common and effective ways through which companies motivate employees. From performance awards and engraved plaques to press releases and notices on company websites, there are many ways employee achievements can be spotlighted.

Set a good example.

Entrepreneur Bryan J. Zaslow offers several ways to keep employees motivated in this article in Forbes. Some of his comments are echoed in the other articles mentioned above but he stresses the importance of being a leader worth following.

Zaslow advises leaders to walk the talk and says; “I can’t expect my employees to do anything that I wouldn’t do. I always ask myself if the expectations that I set for my employees are comparable to the expectations that I would set for myself.”

Having a great role model can certainly inspire employees to perform at their best. That’s why it is important for leaders to continue to develop their personal skills while motivating others.

Leaders who master effective motivation techniques receive the benefits of working with people who are excited and energized about their jobs.

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